Merger Announcement


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Hi, there, you awesome dudes and dudettes! I’m in the middle of merging my two blogs. Specifically, I’m moving most, if not all, of the recipes from TheNoviceGardener over to I feel it’s time for me to focus all my efforts on ONE blog and do a good job at it, rather than dividing my attention on TWO different blogs and do a poor job at it.

I haven’t decided what I will do to TheNoviceGardener. I have a few options:

  • I can shut it down and get all those embarrassing “404 not found errors” on old links
  • I can mark it private, and get the perplexing “this site has been marked private” on old links
  • I can just let it hang as archive, but no new updates will be posted

Regardless of what I will do, it will be pretty lonely here. So I would like to bring you over to where the real party is happening. You will find a group of super friendly and extremely creative friends there, where we gather weekly to celebrate the good life with good food, occasionally stories, too.

But if you can’t wait until I do, you can join now.

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Happy Friday!


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Fiesta Friday #102 is open! Join in the fun! Go to the party hall –>Fiesta Friday

And Happy Long Weekend!

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The Best Of Fiesta Friday #100 Unveiled


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Check them out! These are The Best of Fiesta Friday #100. Quite truly some of the most exquisite recipes online.

The Best Of Fiesta Friday #100The Best of Fiesta Friday #100

And the fiesta continues…

keep calm and fiesta on

Please join us! Party hall is open–>Fiesta Friday #101

A Cake For You!


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We have survived 100 Fiesta Fridays, you and I! Yes, it’s hard to believe we’ve been fiesta-ing together for that long! And even harder to believe, we still like each other! Which goes to show what kind of people we have at Fiesta Friday. Quality people. GOOD quality people!

So, to honor you, you, you, you, you (times 100 more), I made you a special cake. A Fiesta Friday Anniversary Cake! It’s for you!

Carrot Cheesecake Cake for FF100

Chocolate Chip Carrot Coconut Cheesecake Cake

Chocolate Chip Coconut Carrot Cheesecake Cake

Happy 100th Fiesta Friday

To all my friends here @TheNoviceGardener, who haven’t joined the party, I’m inviting you to join the weekly fun @ Tomorrow we will unveil The Best Of Fiesta Friday #100!