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The Novice Gardener was in DC this past Easter weekend. It would have been nice to see the cherry blossoms, but there was none in sight. It’s been too cold. But the Botanic Garden was our primary destination this time. And we got parking right in front of the entrance!

After some concern, the Novice Gardener decided that it was okay to park there, seeing that there were cars from all over, and many did not sport any kind of permit. A fellow visitor had assured us that there was no enforcement on the weekends. And as long as Congress is out of session, parking in those spaces marked “Permit Only” is allowed, so he said. Somebody did their homework!

Inside the conservatory, some plants were giving off a delectable fragrance. It was a medley of gardenia, jasmine, and orchids. The conservatory’s piece de resistance, however, was the cocoa tree (Theobroma Cacao). It was in fruit. The kids were impressed, even the older one. It’s getting harder to find things to impress him nowadays. He’s seen a “chocolate tree” before, at Hersheypark, but there was only one fruit hanging. This one had multiple.

The little one was excited to explore the Hawaii habitat, but found it lacking. There’s no coconut tree, the complaint went. But the Jungle habitat had impressive, tall palm trees, so she was satisfied.

Overall, everybody enjoyed the short stay in DC. We came home relaxed.