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A trip to Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia yielded these finds,

market finds

which included the famous ramps (Allium tricoccum).


Having never seen ramps in person before, I was underwhelmed by their small size. I expected something more substantial, more robust. And at $3.99 per bundle of 5, I thought they were quite expensive. I suppose you have to pay for the hard work of looking for them and digging them out. I was excited to see them, regardless, and bought 2 bunches.

I chopped up three stalks to add to this omelet.

ramp omelet

They tasted a lot like garlic chives that I have plenty of and can pick for free in my backyard, so I was a little disappointed. I didn’t know what I was expecting really, but I’ve heard such high praises heaped onto them that I was hoping for an eye-opener, so to speak. They are more tender than garlic chives, so I can see how they can shine as a side dish on their own the way fibrous garlic chives can’t. My plan is to plant the rest of them. Hopefully, they’ll multiply in my garden. Who knows, maybe I can charge people to forage in my backyard.

TG spotted these cape gooseberries and wanted to try them. They look like the pineapple tomatillos that I grew, but bigger and more yellow.

They taste similar, but I think the pineapple tomatillos are sweeter and more flavorful. But I’m saving some seeds, nevertheless.

Then there were these green garbanzo beans, which I’ve had once before and fallen in love with. I have to decide what to do with them. Any suggestions?


Reading Terminal Market is a popular establishment in Philadelphia. On Saturdays, it gets very crowded to the point where it’s hard to walk around without bumping into anyone, let alone find a place to sit and enjoy your meal. Our routine when we go there goes like this: Visit Iovine produce, buy our lunches to go, let the kids select their desserts either from the Amish bakery or the cookie company, then go home to enjoy our food, sitting down. I still highly recommend it, though. There’s always something to see and wish for in there.

market finds