The neighbor planted bamboo, the running kind, next to the fence, on his side. Now it has invaded the vegetable garden, the organic kind, next to the fence, on our side.

When it was brought up to the neighbor, he was good-natured enough about it. But he defended the planting of such invasive plant in a residential area. Why, it’s beautiful! And it blocks the noise from the street!

Even this novice gardener is not falling for it. Of course, I am in full agreement about the beauty of bamboo. I had chosen bamboo flooring to replace the carpet in the living room. And once while traveling to Singapore, I fell in love with this garden display at the airport.

Bamboo garden in Singapore's Changi Airport, possibly the best airport in the world.
Bamboo garden in Singapore’s Changi Airport, quite possibly the best airport in the world.

But having these sprouting in the vegetable garden,

bamboo sprouting

is a little too much to take.

There are certainly other equally beautiful and much more restraint greeneries that can be used to block out the noise from the street.