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Well, Sabo found the diamond.

And it’s the Cape May kind.

Still, it’s a treasure.

It took an hour of looking and digging to find it.

Out of thousands of rocks like these,

Sunset Beach rocks

sometimes you’ll find this,

Cape May diamond

The rest of the haul from Sunset Beach.

sunset beach haul

Did you see the perfect green heart? I found that one.

Earlier in the day, I found other greens, in my backyard. They’re all perfect, too, including the one chewed up by bugs.

four leaf clover

four leaf clover

four leaf clovers

There’s another kind of green that I found, growing on the beach. Looks like something that you might be able to eat. Snaps easily, the leaves succulent. No, I won’t eat it. Not without proper ID. Just curious.

sea rocket.pptx

Sea rocket?

sunset beach1

Beautiful Sunset Beach. The Jersey Shore offers much more than Snooki and The Situation.

SS Atlantus wreck

Wreckage of SS Atlantus that can be viewed from the beach.

fishing in sunset beach

This guy caught something alright. A pair of mating horseshoe crabs.

Next time, we’ll be staying til sunset. What’s the point of going to Sunset Beach, otherwise?