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sneaky groundhog

The snap peas were decimated.
The lettuce, mowed down.
The red cabbages, gorged to stubs.
The straw that broke the camel’s back was the lone Brandywine tomato,
In that stage between green and red.
Gone, all of it.

Devastation is a repeating theme in the garden this year.
Mr. Rabbit was highly suspected.
He was seen in the vicinity of Stella d’ Oro.
But in the front yard, outside the fence.
He looked rather benign and sluggish.
Didn’t even flinch,
Even as I came within a few feet.
So I let him be.
He couldn’t have done all that damage, he’s so languid.

I was right, it turned out.
It was this fellow all along.

groundhog eating grass funny

Mr. Groundhog, who has many aliases.
He goes by Mr. Woodchuck sometimes,
Also Mr. Whistle-pig.
Can’t blame him really.
With such a reputation,
He’d rather remain unidentified,
And have Mr. Rabbit take the blame.

Link: Daily Prompt: A Little Sneaky