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I’m a lucky woman. I have a loving husband and 2 amazing kids. I have a group of girlfriends whom I consider as sisters, neighbors who look out for my house when I’m out of town, and a job that I love. What more can a woman ever want?

Well, apparently, blogging awards. No kidding, I had no idea all this time, prior to my blogging days, how much happiness these awards could generate. There’s nothing like recognition and acknowledgement from your peers that get you super excited. It’s like actors getting the Oscars, you know. That exciting!

So, I’ve been the lucky recipient of several awards since I started blogging, and I’ve written about what I think of them. If you’re interested to find out, you can click on the award icons on the sidebar. It’ll bring you to my acceptance speech, where I also divulge a little more information about myself. Not too much. I’m a firm believer in “everything in moderation” mantra, at least when it comes to divulging information about myself.

Who really needs to know which Kindergarten I went to, how old I am, or what I ate last Thursday? You do, really? Well, sorry, you’re not going to find out, except maybe what I ate. Pizza, not homemade, and a bunch of candies. It was Halloween. And I was wearing glow necklaces and bracelets, even one on my head as a halo. See, TMI, don’t you think?

Appropriately, today’s Daily Prompt asks us to show who the people are in our cheering section, or what support looks like to us. My awarders are the people cheering me on, as well as my followers. They’re what support looks like to me. I have nothing but deep, heartfelt gratitude to offer back to them. I hope that’s enough.

My recent awards came from Jess, who nominated me for the Liebster Award, Robin, for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award, and Fae, for the WordPress Family Award.

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dragon's loyalty award


Thank you Jess, Robin, and Fae! Please visit Jess for her tried and true recipes, Robin for her entertaining and compelling stories, and Fae for almost everything else. No, really, Fae has everything on her site. International recipes, travels, and world cultures. You’re bound to find something you like.

Now comes the hardest part of accepting these awards, passing them on to other bloggers. So hard to choose when there are so many that deserve to be included. But I’ll give it a try. To my nominees, please know that I do not require you to do anything. Participation is totally optional. Here’s my list, in no particular order:

Annie’s Granny (My most favorite Granny in the whole world. Actually she’s a great-grandmother, can you believe it? She has the cleanest, most organized garden ever.)
Mac (She grows the most picture-perfect vegetables, without chemicals. And her cooking always makes me hungry.)
Shanna (Her enthusiasm for food is contagious. Have her in your corner, and you’ll have your best supporter.)
Patty (Her inspiring photography always draws me in. Plus she has a cute dog.)
Super Saiyan M (She’s young, talented, and hilarious. Gosh, we’re so much alike. On opposite days!)
Jonathan (I started following Jonathan 2 days ago, only because he writes about the Uyghurs, somewhat. Anyway, read him; he’s funny.)
thebestdressup (Seriously, you need to get on the luvBANDWAGON and receive the luvFAB stamp of approval.)
Qin (She makes her own wonton wrappers. When I grow up, I want to be just like her.)
Jim (He talks about the sun, planets, weather – science stuff. Half the time I don’t understand what he’s saying, but I still read his posts anyway. I figure if I get half of what I read, then I’m already 50% smarter about it.)
Melanie (Jim’s wife. They have his and hers blogs, and a together blog, making them my favorite couple in the entire blogosphere. Melanie quilts, so if you’re into quilting, this is the place to go.)

Finally, I would like to ask everyone to please visit A Opinionated Man. His blog offers much more than his adoption story, but that’s the part that tugs at my heartstrings. He is currently looking for his sister, presumably still in Korea. If you’re from Korea or knows someone from Korea, please visit his blog and see if there’s anything you can do to pass the information that will help him find his sister. Thank you, all.