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Upon the suggestion of a blogger friend, I decided to join the Zero to Hero challenge. You know why? Timethief is my blogging shifu (teacher/master, in case you don’t know what that means) and what she says, I do. I jest, but seriously, she is absolutely right. I think it’s a good idea, very good idea actually, for everyone to join, especially new bloggers. You might learn a thing or two about blogging basics you didn’t know before. Clueless bloggers like yours truly should benefit from the exercise, too.

I’m already 5 days late, so I have to catch up quickly. Luckily, most of the first 5 assignments involve either tasks I’ve already done or creating parts of a blog that are pretty much already in place here at The Novice Gardener. Oh yeah, about that name, The Novice Gardener. I may have to revisit it one of these days. Not too sure it still fits. What do you think if I change it to “The Novice Gardener, Or Not”? You think anyone would want to read it?

If you read my about page, you would know why I picked the name. But over time, this blog seems to be taking a direction of its own. Have you ever felt that way about something? Or your life? It feels like things are happening beyond your control, and you’re just in it for the ride. That’s how I feel sometimes about this blog. It’s become a beast! It is consuming a good deal of my life and time, all unplanned.

Truth be told, I’ve been enjoying the ride, but I’m also anxious about where all this leads to. And I have a hard time sticking to a theme. What’s this blog about? Gardening or cooking or storytelling or ranting? Or all in one? What do you call that kind of blog? A diary?

Anyway, just want to let you know I’m joining the blogging challenge. Partly because of timethief’s suggestion, and partly because I seem to experience a case of the blahs lately. You know how I know that? Hubby bought a box of donut munchkins and Red Velvet Latte to start my morning yesterday, and I just said,”Oh, thanks.” Not,”Wow, honey, thanks!” Now that’s just not me.

I’ve cooked a bit, written more, photographed a lot, but haven’t been able to bring myself to find time to edit and publish. Of course, the movie marathon hubby and I have been doing and the premiere of Downton Abbey 4 (A bit of a dud. Hopefully it’ll pick up.) don’t help. Maybe the challenge will motivate me. We’ll see.