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Well, Mr Fitz requested it, and he’s popular with me. And why not, I thought. It’s a slow night at the Zero to Hero Challenge. You are to expand your community, by following newly discovered blogs or topics. Piece of cake, I’ll get right to it in a minute. Right now, we’re talking about my Christmas supper, as Mr Fitz called it. Dinner is what we normally call it here in the states, Mr Fitz. Supper only if it’s really late.

It was never actually posted, my Christmas dinner, although thoroughly enjoyed. The pictures didn’t exactly make the cut. They were taken in haste, under less-than-optimum lighting. The way I remember, I was plumb tuckered out that night, so photography was not an immediate concern. But here they are for you, Mr Fitz!

Some of the pictures are from Lawry’s, some from The Novice Gardener’s residence. Let’s see if you can tell which are which. Quite obvious, I think.

Every now and then, we do prime rib roast for Christmas. Most of the time, though, we do Christmas ham. But it just wasn’t appealing this time around. So prime rib was selected. And it will remain prime rib from now on. Unless I’ll get the hankering for the Feast of the Seven Fishes again. Living in “Italian Country,” pretty much everybody around us does this for Christmas.

Last year, meaning Christmas 2012, feeling deprived of the seven-fishes hoopla, I bought quantities of seafood. When I mentioned the plan, the husband just looked at me. Not a word, just a look. When it came down to it, I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t serve the seven fishes, knowing I’d have unhappy family, who wanted ham. Prime rib, on the other hand, didn’t even need any selling, especially after I mentioned Lawry’s.

We ate at Lawry’s in Chicago last summer. Would you believe we met someone who knew someone who knew my brother-in-law who lived half-way around the world? Did you get that? Me, neither. Anyway, we had a nice dinner there, made special because of that someone who knew someone…okay, I’m not going there again.

It was so good, that dinner at Lawry’s, that I recreated it for our Christmas supper, with the help of lawrysonline.com. The only thing I did differently was that I didn’t use 5 lbs of rock salt to roast the meat. We couldn’t procure such a product from anywhere. And seems like a total waste, since the meat is not supposed to touch the salt at all. Lemme know if I’m wrong. Maybe the salt makes a huge difference? I stood my meat on a layer of chunks of vegetables, such as onions, garlic, carrot, and celery, instead. Everything else I served, I followed the recipes from the site.

Some other scenes from our Christmas:

Hope you like, Mr Fitz!