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Zero to Hero just got very interesting. Yesterday’s assignment was to leave a few comments on blogs we haven’t commented on before, and to remember where we left the comments. Supposedly it would all make sense the next day when the new assignment is revealed.

And it just did. Today’s assignment (#12, by the way, if you’re keeping tabs) is to write a post elaborating on one of those comments. Well, color me lucky, ’cause I happened to leave this comment on this blog:

WordPress Zero to Hero blogging challenge

Life vs. death is only the most important subject in the world, yes? Unless, of course, you’re a sports fan. Then winning vs. losing is more important than life vs. death. That’s exactly why I never root for a team or an athlete, anymore.

Seems to me that every time I do that, I always end up in disappointment. No amount of praying or holding my pee pee can reverse any jinx. The team or athlete I hate always wins.

For instance, my favorite tennis player is Pete Sampras. The best there ever is. Plus I’m deeply connected with Pete. Hubby’s former colleague’s wife used to hit balls with Pete before he became a pro. I was devoted to him from the moment I found out about that. No amount of hair shaggy-ing by Andre Agassi could dissuade me. Turned out Andre was wearing a wig, by the way. But that’s another story best told by his fans. See how easily I get distracted?

As Pete’s fan, I was elated when he broke Roy Emerson’s record for the most Grand Slam wins with 14. Surely, he’d become a tennis God with that kind of record. No one was going to be able to touch that, I thought. Imagine my irritation when Roger Federer started inching closer. But the more hatred I felt for Federer, the more wins he collected. Until he finally topped Pete’s record with his 17. I just died.

I have developed a strategy to work around it somewhat. Here goes, try to follow. I’m no longer fixated on Federer. Instead, I concentrate my energy by championing Raphael Nadal. He has now collected 13 Grand Slam wins. 4 more and he’ll catch Ferderer, 5 more and he’ll erase Federer’s top spot. Doesn’t matter that Pete moves to third place. Federer won’t be on top.

Besides, have you ever watched Rafa play or just watched him, period, playing or not? Now, tell me that’s not a beautiful face! Incidentally, check him out and cheer him on at the Australian Open, currently taking place. I think I’m back to being alive now.

raphael nadal

Oh yeah, that was what I wanted to talk about, being alive vs. dead. Specifically, I have a question to ask you. When a person dies, does he or she know that he or she is dead? Anybody been dead before? Otherwise, please refrain from answering the question. You simply have no credibility.

As for me, I know for sure I’m not dead. I woke up this morning and looked sideways and I didn’t see Rafa. But I had paella (Rafa is from Spain, as is paella.) Recipe will follow one of these days.

paella valenciana soccarat

Anyone out there has another foolproof way of telling they’re not dead?