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Fiesta Friday #1 starts tomorrow, at 8 am. Everybody is encouraged to join. To learn how, go to Fiesta Friday Blog Party Guidelines.

fiesta friday #1 invitation

An even friendlier reminder for those who have “RSVPed”.

you promised


My psychic prowess has reached a new level. Once again, I anticipated correctly the next Zero to Hero assignment. We are to set an editorial calendar for our blog, by adding a regular feature. Well, what do you know, Fiesta Friday will be a regular feature on The Novice Gardener. Maybe in the future I’ll add more regular features, such as Music of the Month, Weed of the Week, or Saturday Salad, something like that. But for now, Fiesta Friday will suffice.

This Zero to Hero is coming to a close. Just one more day, one more assignment. It’s so, so sad there won’t be any more homework. I’ve gotten so used to multitasking because of it. Thank goodness there’s Fiesta Friday to look forward to. Zero to Hero participants, please join the party. I might suffer from post-Z2H withdrawal symptoms if I don’t see you again. It feels like being in a close-knit family going through the challenge with you, and it will be hard to see the family break up.