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Thank you all for coming to the first Fiesta Friday Blog Party. I hope everybody had a great time, met new friends, caught up with old friends, learned a few things, and so on. As your host, I now have the unenviable task of selecting the posts for this week’s Fiesta Friday Features.

Don’t be sad or mad if you don’t get selected this time. I do give everyone a fair chance. It’s a weekly affair, so you’ll have plenty of chances to be featured in the future.

Besides being honored here, features will also be pinned onto my pinterest board (I’ll create a new Fiesta Friday Features board) and mentioned in my Facebook page to give them more exposure.

I’m also in the process of creating a button that you can display on your blog as a Fiesta Friday participant or a Fiesta Friday Feature. It’s a hand-painted image and it’s taking me a little more time than I thought to finish, but I do want to give you a pretty button that you’ll be proud to display. So bear with me, I’m trying my best to get it done quickly.

So, no doubt that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend. But in the meantime, it’s Friday so it’s time to party again! And this will be my contribution:

banana flambe

You may be able to guess what that is. I’ll post the recipe maybe later today or tomorrow. Right now I gotta run and get to work! But enough about me, tell me what you’ll be bringing. Food, drinks, stories, quotes, jokes, music, activities, or even crafts will be appreciated. Inspirations can come from all kinds of sources.

Link-up will be open for 5 days this time (until Wednesday noon). I find that later links don’t get as many views as the earlier links, and I need time to select features. But let me know if this doesn’t work out for you and I’ll make an adjustment.

Clicking the image above will bring you to the party!

If you’re new to Fiesta Friday, please read the Fiesta Friday guidelines on how to join.

Now, onto the features. Drum rolls, please… Our First Fiesta Friday Features are:

Eliopita from Margherita@La petite casserole. This is so unique with the addition of Fanta in it. Orange-flavored soda in an olive bread? Don’t you all agree that this recipe needs to be tried?

Chicken Burrito bowl from Aditi and Nikhil@Confused Bawarchis. Really, does it need an explanation? I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love rice bowls. I once thought about opening a restaurant specializing in rice bowls. And came up with the perfect name for it, “International House of Rice.” After thinking it over, I decided the name was unwise. Unable to come up with an alternative name, I shelved the idea.

Maple Taffy from Hilda@Along the Grapevine. Embrace the snowy weather, Hilda said, and have a little fun. I can’t agree more.

Finally, Justine@Eclectic odds n sods brought us flamenco dance and music along with her childhood memories of summer holidays in Spain. What a way to complete our party!