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You have to go to simplyvegetarian777 to check it out. Especially you, Patty! Something is waiting for you.

This is my first try at guest posting or guest blogging. I’m not even sure what the correct terminology is. And I definitely don’t know the proper etiquette on how to do this correctly.

It’s supposed to be a win-win situation for both bloggers. Cool-cool! Win-win is always the best way to go. My guess is that it’s a win for me because I get to be introduced to the host blog’s followers. But how is it a win for the host blog?

I’m thinking if I let my followers know about it and kindly ask them to check it out, then it’ll be a win for her/him, too. So, kindly check it out. Go to Sonal’s site. Besides, the recipe is there.

Incidentally, I was asked to guest blog a couple of times before. Having never done it and not fully understanding what it entailed, I had not followed through with the requests. To those bloggers who asked, I apologize. If you’re still interested, please let me know.