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No, I’m not introducing a new regular feature. Fiesta Friday is enough for now. I’m just sharing a little joke today to help you get through the week. Sometimes you need a little push to get to the finish line.

So, my son enjoyed being an only child for a few years before a sibling came along. Having a sibling meant he could no longer monopolize mommy. As much as he loved his baby sister, there were times when he got frustrated because he had to share his mommy, who was his best friend at the time.

Like this one time when he wanted mommy to play with him. Mommy would have been very happy to comply, of course. Except that baby sister had waken up from her nap and started crying.

Big brother threw his hands up in the air, let out a big sigh, and barked an order to mommy, “Why don’t you try milking her?”

Photo from La Leche League

He meant this, of course. You think I can submit this to Reader’s Digest for “Out of the mouths of babes” and get money for it? Is Reader’s Digest still around?