I’m thinking many, many of you are missing Azita@Fig & Quince intensely right now. I’m thinking if you make these, you might be able to manage that feeling a little better. These are just like Azita. They’re a little bit Iran, a little bit NY.

Fig & Quince

Apple puff pastry with pistachio saffron rosewater and friendship

Hi everyone! As part of the continuing series of guest posts scheduled while I’m off on my excellent adventures in Iran, this post is by the lovely, artistic and witty Angie of the Novice Gardener. Angie does everything beautifully – cooking, gardening, baking, writing, blogging, guest blogging — with an offhanded and effortless enchantment and a vibrant sense of infectious excitement. She also throws awesome and rowdy Fiesta Friday Parties. (If you are a food blogger, you should RSVP a resounding yes to the next one!) And in the same vein of just being an awesome person, she generously insisted on creating a Persian inspired recipe specifically for Fig & Quince! How did I get so lucky? I’m stunned by the beauty of these treats she’s made and beyond touched by the beautiful gesture of her friendship. Now let’s go and nibble daintily this charming and delicious morsel…

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