My girl Nusrat is back! I think so. I hope sincerely. I wish fervently. I implore wholeheartedly.

I fell in love with Nusrat’s photography and writing way back. She didn’t post very often, but when she did, she always created some kind of magical masterpiece.

If you haven’t read any of her posts, I honestly think you should right away, and then tell me you’re not blown away. It would be impossible.

So, let’s welcome her back and see if we can rope her in, tightly this time, so she won’t ever disappear again.

Eye Of the Beholder

The moon, yellow as lemon, rises up above purple trees painted white with snowflakes. Feeble moonshine falls through the sky and crumble into flurries of smile. Misty sun gently kisses the foggy Rosemary morning. In the blue sapphire morning, unchained petals cheer as the soulful Spring is near ♥

And when Nature offers abundance of beauty, color, joy, merriment and mirth, you know SPRING is around ♥



To bring a little more sunshine, cheer and delight on ‘Spring is in the air’ weekends, I make THE most sensual, natural beverage in the world, Tea  and go outdoor. For me, tea in a vibrant, gorgeous cup is a perfect antidote to winter blues ♥



Tea brings Powerful, Wonderful, Luxurious unexpected delight to my afternoon snacks. Tea makes spring more springy. I can give you twenty million adorable reasons to love tea ♥


Final cprt



Gastronomically speaking, tea is outstandingly…

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