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easter bread

Just a quick howdy to wish you a Happy Easter and to check on how everybody is coming along after a couple of nights of hard-partying. Is anybody still standing?

For those of you who decided to stick around, there’s Easter bread on the dining table. Please help yourself!

Italian Easter bread the novice gardener

Oh, by the way, did you see the table I set up for you, complete with candles all lit? I thought maybe fire would further fuel excitement for the party.

easter table setting

And what do you think of this cute centerpiece idea, using eggshells, I borrowed from Martha Stewart?

flower arrangements in eggshells

Someone aka Sir Johnny had noticed and liked that I used Muscari to decorate the table with, so here is another shot of the pretty flowers.

muscari armeniacum grape hyacinth

If you are thinking of planting them, however, The Frustrated Gardener (Who isn’t?) suggests you go with Muscari Aucheri instead of Muscari Armeniacum. The latter is what I have all over my garden. And I mean, all over! They romp and spread too freely for my liking. I will have to dig out the ones in the lawn one at a time, by hand. There’s no other way of getting rid of them.

The few that had migrated to the neighbor’s lawn, I’m not doing anything about. He gives me bamboo, so I return the favor. Trust me, I’m being much kinder with my Muscari than he is with his bamboo.

Recipe for the bread coming soon. Like tomorrow. Maybe. Promise it’ll be here, though. Eventually.