Hey, listen, guys! I have a surprise for you! It looks a little like this:

vegetable bouquet

But you won’t know exactly what it is unless and until you join Fiesta Friday. So, click that “Click to join” button already and join the fun, will you? That’s all I have to say for now. So tired after working on that surprise… See you at the party!

But first, let’s look at Features from FF59:

Blood Orange Mini Tarts from Michelle @Giraffes Can Bake.

“First of all, blood whaaa?! Okay, okay, I actually knew about blood oranges and tried them once. But I’ve never thought of eating them whole, like rind and all. And this despite loving marmalade on toasts! Yep, so many things I still need to learn. I thought these mini tarts are just so adorable! And they sound so refreshing with all that citrus flavor. My mouth is watering. Now I want oranges, or anything orange-flavored!” — Angie

Rainbow Tostadas from Julia @Swirls and Spice.

“I love how colorful these vegetable tostadas are! They make me happy just by looking at them!” — Jhuls

“I just LOVE these!! They remind me of the rainbow pizza I made for my daughter. Well, hello, Julia did mention the pizza. But I want you to know that I selected the post even before I knew she mentioned the pizza. How could you not smile at those tostadas? Such a clever idea to bring excitement to a healthy vegetarian meal. I know my daughter would love these. Will make!!” — Angie

Chicken Wellington from Jeanette @Sinfully Tempting

“Chicken Wellington! Yes, chicken! Isn’t it a great alternative to the popular Beef Wellington? Juicy chicken breasts covered with golden pastry – that sounds and looks mouth-watering! And a big plus to the budget – cheaper!” — Mila

“When I was small, I used to think Beef Wellington was fancy schmancy. Heck, I’m now big and I still think Beef Wellington is fancy schmancy! It’s a dish reserved for special occasions. But what if it was more budget-friendly? Maybe we would actually serve it more often, right?! That’s why this Chicken Wellington is such a great idea! It’s still fancy but not schmancy…you know what I mean. I look at that Chicken Wellington and I think it’s pretty even to serve at weddings! But it’s more affordable. Excellent recipe!” — Angie

Chou Farci from Nancy @Feasting With Friends

“That stuffed cabbage ‘head’ is out of the blue! It looks like a huge pie with delicious beef and vegetables layers, but instead of pastry – cabbage leaves. Even though it’s a time-consuming dish, I think it definitely worth all the hard work!” — Mila

“Leave it to Nancy to come up with such a creative recipe. This is the best and prettiest corned beef and cabbage recipe, bar none! Imagine how impressive your St. Patrick’s Day meal will be with this! But you really shouldn’t have to wait for next year’s St. Patrick’s Day to serve this. You should give it a try this weekend. I know you bought an extra piece of corned beef! Am I right, am I right? ‘Coz I did! ‘Coz it was such a bargain last week!” — Angie

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