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rosemary salmon

O, dear Rosemary!
You’re a prize in the kitchen.
So delicious with chicken.
Lovely even with salmon.

Out of this world with potatoes.
Surprisingly sublime with tomatoes.
But I’m in complete woes.
O, dear Rosemary!

How do I keep you happy?
How much water and sunshine do you need?
Should I let you be as if a weed?
Will you please tell me?

They say rosemary is perennial, and some of my friends report their rosemary bushes grow up to their waists. Sometimes even blooming! I have never been successful in making mine come back every year, let alone bloom!

The key with rosemary, I think, is to leave it alone and not pamper it. Don’t overwater or overfeed, both of which I tend to do. I guess you can say I’m killing my rosemary with kindness.

Unless, of course, my problem is that I clip it too often and too much. Like when I made that salmon.

Recipe –> Broiled Salmon with Rosemary & Lemon Zest-Infused Honey Soy Sauce Glaze