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Year 2016. Does it feel any different? Hmm…

I hope it will go a lot slower. I have a lot to start and finish.

I hope it will bring happiness to you and yours. And me and mine.

I hope it will bring us all health and wealth. And spread less misery.

I hope there will be more peace and freedom. And there will be less injustice and inequality.

I hope a lot more LOVE will happen. Amor Vincit Omnia. Love Conquers All.

Now, excuse me while I consume this.

New Year Donuts

donuts for new year's day

chocolate dipped grape

lucky new year donuts

To make sure my hopes will come true.

You are to eat circular and round things, yes?

And pork.

smothered pork chops

And beans.

stewed black-eyed peas

And greens.

smothered cabbage and kale

happy new year 2016