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Hi, there, you awesome dudes and dudettes! I’m in the middle of merging my two blogs. Specifically, I’m moving most, if not all, of the recipes from TheNoviceGardener over to FiestaFriday.net. I feel it’s time for me to focus all my efforts on ONE blog and do a good job at it, rather than dividing my attention on TWO different blogs and do a poor job at it.

I haven’t decided what I will do to TheNoviceGardener. I have a few options:

  • I can shut it down and get all those embarrassing “404 not found errors” on old links
  • I can mark it private, and get the perplexing “this site has been marked private” on old links
  • I can just let it hang as archive, but no new updates will be posted

Regardless of what I will do, it will be pretty lonely here. So I would like to bring you over to FiestaFriday.net where the real party is happening. You will find a group of super friendly and extremely creative friends there, where we gather weekly to celebrate the good life with good food, occasionally stories, too.

But if you can’t wait until I do, you can join now.

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