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first fiesta friday anniversary invitation

Just one more week and Fiesta Friday will celebrate its First Anniversary! Are you as excited as I am? Of course you are!

We’ve been brainstorming, my co-hosts and I, on how to properly celebrate this milestone. After many great ideas were thrown in, we’ve decided that our First Fiesta Friday Anniversary needs to be celebrated in a big way, by having a non-stop party that will span 2 weeks.

Let me explain. We’re throwing the biggest block party ever. A Fiesta Friday Block Party. A Fiesta Friday on steroids. Ain’t no party like it ‘coz a Fiesta Friday Block Party don’t stop! Not for 2 weeks! That means Fiesta Friday #52 and Fiesta Friday #53 will BOTH be the designated 1st Anniversary Fiesta Friday parties.

And since it’s a block party, everybody who is a friend of a friend of a friend is welcome. That means all of you are invited! And your friends! And friends of your friends! It’s the biggest block party, all are welcome, as long as they adhere to the guidelines, which are as follows:

  • There will be 2 parts to the First Fiesta Friday Anniversary Celebration:

    Fiesta Friday #52 will be the designated happy hour part. Bring us Apéritifs & Cocktails as well as Appetizers & Amuse-Bouches. We’ll mix and mingle over a sampling of little bites with cocktails in our hands while waiting for everybody to arrive and join the party.

    Fiesta Friday #53 will be the designated main course and dessert part. Bring us your best dishes & desserts. The more celebratory the meals and desserts, the better! Think of special meals and desserts you usually reserve for a special event. For example, in my house, it’s paella mixta. I make it but once a year, usually for my husband’s birthday. So I might bring that to FF53. Similarly, special cakes and sweets that you customarily serve only on certain occasions would be appreciated at this party.

  • As always, we would like for you to link only newly created posts. Even better if these are specifically created for First Fiesta Friday Anniversary. Newly created posts don’t necessarily mean new recipes or ideas.

    Here’s a hint: If you feel that you had posted something in the past that you’re mighty proud of, but didn’t get much attention, instead of linking your old post, why not redo the post? Which means new photo(s) and/or new way(s) to present it and/or an improvement of the old. After all, if you’ve created something so remarkable, you should definitely tell the world about it again and again. We just don’t want the old post regurgitated.

  • Finally, and this is the most important request of all, please visit the other participants’ links. Check out as many as possible. Leave a comment, engage in a conversation, encourage and support each other. Only then can Fiesta Friday be truly interactive and fun for all.

For further guidelines, please refer to my original Fiesta Friday Guidelines, which remain in effect during the Fiesta Friday Block Party. Now, let the fun begin!