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The Best of Appetizers

the best of appetizers

Here’s why they are the best:

Chaussons au Fromage et Épinard from Linda @La Petite Panière.

“Linda is an incredible cook – she made the puff, stuffed it with gorgeous ingredients and then dipped the ends in cheese. Yes please, I’ll have several – in fact, just leave the plate here – on my lap!” — Selma

“Linda MADE her own puff pastry??? She totally wowed my by this. Then she stuffed these little beauties with a gorgeous combo of cheese and spinach. Not only were they super beautiful to look at, but I know they would be a party in my mouth!” — Julianna

“Really? Homemade puff pastry? Impressive enough to just bring homemade puff pastry, but then she stuffed it with such delicious ingredients, too! Cheese and spinach…so simple, yet bursting with flavor. Did anyone else notice the beautiful results the egg wash provided? The Chaussons look so crispy and beautifully browned…these look like finger food at its absolute best!” — Nancy

Fish Koliwada from Naina @Spice in the City.

“This is fish, right? Of course it is. It says so right there, on the title. Then why is my mouth watering? Fish doesn’t do that to me. Not normally. Maybe, maybe I’m changing. Or maybe ‘coz it’s from Naina. Only she can turn me into a fish fan. These sound so spicy and crazy good! I think I’ve found my perfect Fish Friday recipe for Lent. I’m already thinking ahead.” — Angie

“I may be showing my bias for fish here, but can’t help but think that these mouth-watering morsels of fish would wow just about anyone. Naina has indulged us with much more than a simple fried fish canape. Her gluten-free spicy chickpea batter adds enough flavour and a crispy texture to make this recipe a party in itself.” — Hilda

“My goodness – those look so delicious that I found myself wishing that it wasn’t a virtual party! Wonderful photos and styling as we have now come to accept as the norm for Naina!” — Selma

Pickled Beet Jelly with Goat Cheese and Candied Pistachios from Dini @Giramuk’s Kitchen.

“This recipe has it all with a fabulous contrast of colours, textures and flavours wrapped in a regal red pickled beet jelly. The pistachio praline is a brilliant addition to the cheese, and then all of it topped with an herbal citrus butter makes this appetizer complete – complete deliciousness! Who wouldn’t be proud to serve this original and classy hors d’oeuvre, and who wouldn’t be impressed to be served one!” — Hilda

“This is a very accomplished and good-looking dish. One of those things that you would make for a special occasion, like the FF anniversary…” — Selma

Wild fennel and Broccoli Shots from Petra @Food eat Love.

“This appie was so wildly colourful and creative that I just had to pick it. And, Petra went out and picked WILD fennel for us!! What else can I say?” — Julianna

“Every Fiesta Friday teaches me not only new recipes, but also techniques and ingredients. This recipe is a great example of that – a thoroughly original recipe in every respect. Who but Petra would have thought to combine all these ingredients in beautiful little shot glasses? The use of wild fennel is of course a perfect way to include something local, fresh, seasonal and delicious, a sure-fire way to impress.” — Hilda

Oyster Kilpatrick from Lucy @Wood Kitchen

“Lucy at Wood Kitchen, Oyster Kilpatrick: I have never had oyster Kilpatrick before, which is all the more reason I should try them. I adore oysters, and presented this way with the complex flavour of Worcester and smokiness of the bacon sounds nothing short of heavenly.” — Hilda

Thyme Tomato Bites from Indira @I’ll Cook, You Wash.

“Indira’s Thyme and Tomato Bites – another great post with the perfect appetizer for those who deem yeast, the beast!! Loved her narrative, explaining her journey with FF.” — Selma

Warm Blue Cheese Tartlets from Selma @Selma’s Table

“Blue Cheese Tartlets with Candied Walnuts. This is a super sophisticated appetizer. I love the layers of flavour from the candied walnuts to the rocket salad with a walnutty dressing. I would serve these at my most special of occasions – Fiesta Friday’s Anniversary, right?” — Julianna

Barbecued Tofu with Homemade Vegan Barbecue Sauce from Sonal @Simplyvegetarian777.

“A late entry that almost didn’t make it. But what an entry! This is why Sonal is such a great vegetarian/vegan recipe developer. The barbecued tofu on a stick and cauliflower bites actually had me drooling. Just can’t wait to try that sauce on everything veggies. My almost-vegetarian daughter would appreciate this!” — Angie

The Best of Cocktails

the best of cocktails

Here’s why they’re the best:

Yellow Cupcake with Chocolate Frosting Cocktail from Prudy @Butter, Basil and Breadcrumbs.

“The consensus is clear. Everybody loves this cocktail! It’s now the official Fiesta Friday Cocktail! I’m so making this every Friday from now on.” — Angie

“Who would have ever believed you could drink your favourite cupcake in the form of a super rich and creamy cocktail? This cocktail is a party unto itself.” — Julianna

“Isn’t this just the MOST PERFECT DRINK EVER to celebrate Fiesta Friday’s birthday? From discussing options with her daughter’s boyfriend to the happy marriage of such celebratory ingredients to the most fabulous chocolate and sprinkle rimmed glasses, this drink just ticked all my boxes!” — Selma

“It was gorgeous to simply just gaze upon. Talk about a celebration in a glass! Only Prudy would have the guts to have all of those sprinkles to decorate her display/photos. I just know they would end up all over my kitchen and I’d find them for months down the road. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have one of those delicious and beautiful drinks in my hand!” — Nancy

Chocolate and Raspberry Vodka Tonic from Michelle @Giraffes Can Bake.

“I seem to be really enjoying the chocolate cocktail theme of this party! But this one is beautiful because it is a bit lighter with the addition of the tonic…I could drink more of them!” — Julianna

Double Espresso Chocolate Martini from Julie @HostessAtHeart

“This cocktail shouts party! Who doesn’t love chocolate and coffee?” — Julianna

“I’m certainly game for drinking my dessert! Though I wouldn’t think twice about dipping an almond biscotti right in the drink as i sipped away. It sounds so rich and decadent. An anniversary is the perfect time for such an indulgence!” — Nancy

Peach and Blueberry Sangria from Justine @Eclectic odds n sods.

“I very much enjoyed reading Justine’s post – from the dusty cookbooks as a result of all the wonderful recipes shared on FF which are better than said dusty cookbooks to her growing confidence in the kitchen. Her delicious sounding cocktail looks wonderful too!” — Selma

Bravo to all! Truly, there were many more incredible entries. You don’t have to take my word for it, you can browse through the linked entries and you’ll see what I mean!