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The Fiesta Friday Anniversary was a stunning success! It was an incredible 2-week event with a total of 226 amazing recipes being submitted. I found it extraordinary how you were able to come up with such exquisite creations. Partying for 2 weeks seemed to have helped those creative juices running, instead of depleting them. Party animals!! 😀 I want you to know that I find inspiration in each and every one of you. Thank you so much!

These posts are the best of the best! Share them with your readers by posting the collages on your Facebook page, pinning on Pinterest or tweeting about them. You can also blog about them or reblog this post. You have my permission to reblog the post in its entirety. It’s not about me getting more views. It’s about spreading the word on these extraordinary recipes.

The Best of Main Courses

the best of Fiesta Friday main courses

Here’s why they’re the best:

Claypot Sardines in Vietnamese Caramel Sauce from Sue @birgerbird.

“Sue’s saucy sardines is one of those innovative recipes that introduces a whole new combination of flavours to play with. Fresh sardines, fruit and vegetables served with a caramel sauce and spices results in an exceptional platter. And to highlight it all, fresh mint and crisp cucumber! This is what I call brilliant.” — Hilda

“Anyone willing to spend 45 minutes filleting sardines deserves recognition! Normally, I would turn my nose up at sardines, but somehow Sue makes me want to grab a huge helping NOW! Such a beautiful dish…the plating is gorgeous and the flavors sound fabulous.” — Nancy

“Sue said that she wanted to make something super special for Fiesta Friday’s big party, and she really did! Her recipe is astoundingly exotic, combining fish, caramel, pineapple and fresh herbs. Her photos jumped off the screen and into my heart and I won’t be satisfied until I make this recipe for myself!” — Julianna

Hungarian Goulash and Red Cabbage From Tina @Mademoiselle Gourmande.

“Tina’s Hungarian Goulash with red cabbage brought me back to my childhood…true comfort food memories. The dish looks both rustic and gourmet at the same time. The dish uses just a few ingredients, yet I imagine the flavor level achieved is fantastic!” — Nancy

Pork Chili Verde From Shari @Cook AZ I Do.

“I just know that Shari’s pork chili dish is wildly flavourful! When I saw her blender full of green veggies and herbs, I immediately knew what my kitchen would smell like if I were making this dish – heaven!” — Julianna

Rustic Pizza from Marta @Plate du Jour.

“Wowsers!! Rustic it may be but I would not be saying no to a few slices of this pizza – absolutely stunning looking and a wonderful combination of flavors!” — Selma

Chicken Mandi with Rice from Jhuls @The Not So Creative Cook.

“Jhuls’ narrative is just hilarious – you can actually picture her lurking at your door chatting with all the early arrivals and tasting a bit of everything! I thought that her Chicken Mandi looked fabulous and look forward to seeing the recipe!” — Selma

Lehsuni Gosht (Garlic Mutton) from Swayam @La` Petit Chef.

“The name of this recipe does not even begin to describe the complex flavours of this spicy and aromatic mutton dish. Luckily for us, Swayam does capture the elegance in her beautiful photos – a real showpiece on the Fiesta Friday smorgasbord.” — Hilda

The Best of Desserts

the best of fiesta friday desserts

Here’s why they’re the best:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Ultimate Layer Cake from Michelle @Giraffes Can Bake.

“The epic Chocolate Chip Cookie Ultimate Layer Cake! Words fail me. Cookie, mousse, cheesecake, cake and frosting all in an ode to Chocolate Chip awesomeness – SPECTACULAR!!” — Selma

“I could not stop staring at this cake, imagining my fork plunging through layer after decadent layer of creamy,chocolatey goodness. I mean cookie dough cheesecake, vanilla bean mousse, chocolate chip vanilla sponge cake and more! This cake is a celebration unto itself!” — Julianna

Pasticiotti from Suzanne @apuginthekitchen

“The Pasticiotti Suzanne shared with the FF group almost had me speechless (note the “almost”). These little pastries were a work of art…so beautiful…and the chocolate filling sounded amazing. I really (really, really) want my own set of pustie tins now!” — Nancy

“What a recipe! Having eaten these from Italian bakeries Suzanne wanted to have a go at making them herself. Passed down from her Great Grandmother via her Aunt Dee, this is what I love about traditional family recipes – evolution, in this case to take into account modern measures!! They turned out perfectly and those pustie tins are totes adorbs too. Yes please, I will not be saying no when the plate of these comes round again!” — Selma

Raspberry Cake with Pistachio and Rose Water Swiss meringue Buttercream from Dini @Giramuk’s Kitchen

“Now this is a celebration cake! Dini pulled out all the stops for us and created this amazing showstopper! What an elegant cake with layer after layer of sweet, fruity, crunchy, floral and creamy. I will long dream about Dini’s cake and only wish that I were her neighbor so that I could knock on her door and plead for a slice!” — Julianna

Pastel Tres Leches from Ginger @Ginger & Bread

“Another stunner made dinner party worthy with strawberries and meringue – make mine a large portion please!!” — Selma

esterhazy torteEsterhazy Torte from Hannah @Domestic Gothess (left) and Julie @Hostess At Heart (right)

“How to choose between these two magnificent tortes? Each based on the classic Hungarian dessert, Julie and Hannah have managed to execute this intricate cake with the skill of a trained pastry chef while each demonstrates her own distinctive touch. So you can hardly blame me for choosing them together as winning desserts.” — Hilda

“The Esterhazy Torte…both Julie of Hostess at Heart and Hannah of Domestic Gothess shared their stunning cakes with all of us. This cake wasn’t even on my radar until they both posted their contributions. It was like a one, two punch… I wanted that cake and I wanted it immediately! Their tortes certainly were a special dessert, perfect for the FF special celebration!” — Nancy

“I love that [these two girls] are challenging themselves. What a recipe this one is! Layers of hazelnut sponge sandwiched with hazelnut cream topped with a white glaze and coated with hazelnuts – absolutely perfectly gorgeous and looking wonderful on the Fiesta Friday table!” — Selma

“Here is a beautiful and elegant cake that would be the centerpiece at any party. I was enchanted by the layers of chocolate hazelnut praline crème patisserie and hazelnut dacquoise. What a gorgeous way to celebrate Fiesta Friday’s first anniversary!” — Julianna

Chocolate Almond Pie from Sadia @Sweet and Savory Food.

“Sadia’s creations are always mouth-watering, but this pie really captivated me! This is the kind of dessert that makes me want to sing…and dance, for that matter! But hey, why not? We are partying after all!” — Julianna

Bravo to all features! Thank you all for participating! I hope it was as much fun for you as it was for me!