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Today’s assignment for the Zero to Hero Blogging Challenge is to write an about page for our blog, or if we have one already in place, to revisit or refresh it. To improve it, in other words. Okay, a somewhat boring assignment but I could go with it. I only said boring because I’m not really learning anything new. I know that an about page is important, and I have already written several versions of it, before sticking with the current one. But to new bloggers, this may be an exciting assignment.

Or maybe if they had put a twist in this task, and pair up bloggers so each can write the other’s about page, it’d be more interesting. You’ll write my about page, and I’ll write yours. Just a thought, y’know. But, whatever, this isn’t social hour, I guess. Although, I would have loved to be able to add to my about page what someone else thinks about my blog. Hey, sometimes other people can explain you better than yourself.

I suppose I can add photos or maybe more links, but for now I’m quite satisfied with my about page. There are aspects of my life that are left out, obviously. I wouldn’t subject my readers to details only interesting to myself. I’m not that narcissistic. Well, maybe a little. That’s why I’m posting these:

Yup, I made them. Jewelry-making is another hobby of mine. I make jewelry when I don’t have anything else to do, something that hasn’t occurred since I started blogging. Some of these I wear, but mostly I make jewelry to give to friends as presents. I don’t sell them, even though the thought crossed my mind. Each piece is unique and takes so much time to make that I have a hard time pricing them.

One of these days, maybe I’ll do a tutorial on how to make some of these jewelry, if people are interested. Then, the deception will be complete. I will then truly become a full-fledged fraud. A gardener that cooks and crafts, but doesn’t garden! Didn’t I tell you I should rename my blog “The Novice Gardener, Or Not”?

Well, folks, that’s all for now. Thank you for reading and following me on this blogging challenge. It’s still not too late to join. I highly recommend it. In the meantime, enjoy this song, from me to you. I thought it’s an appropriate one. I may stray from gardening at the moment, probably because it’s too cold to do any growing. But when it warms up, once again I’ll be a gardener. I’ll come back home. I think.

By the way, I was told that it’s okay to embed YouTube videos. Hopefully, nobody is going to shut me down.